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Associated Real Estate Services (ARES) - A real estate consulting firm was established in 2004 by co-founders, Karen Kulak and Paul Cardile.  Their extensive combined knowledge and experience has been refined through over 20 years of experience in all aspects of project design, engineering, and management. ARES was established in order to bring a unique product that was absent in the market place- personalized technical support.

ARES tailors their product to provide flexible, and more importantly, unbundled services that specifically target the strategic planning and operational requirements of their clients.  This unique approach, allows ARES clients the ability to efficiently manage and where necessary immediately supplement their internal resources in order to respond to ever changing market dynamics. 

Personalized technical support is the driving force behind ARES ability to assist their clients in completing projects on time and within budget. ARES prepares well defined project plans that include realistic scheduling and cost estimates.  Additionally, ARES offers their clients the security of having a third party complete a comprehensive review of lengthy and technically complex environmental/property assessment reports.

ARES unwavering focus on personalized technical support combined with competitive pricing, sound business practices, professionalism and energetic leadership have made it the first choice of distinguished private and institutional clients who specialize in real estate development, management and investment.   

Currently, Karen is volunteering her time to Prudence Crandall Center, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides emergency shelter, caring support, beneficial information and individual advocacy to women, men and children who are victims of domestic violence. She is involved in renovating an old orphanage located in CT to provide long term housing for these victims. Additionally, Paul will be offering his consulting services, and together they are both dedicated to such a wonderful cause.

ARES is a Minority Business Enterprise.

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