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Associated Real Estate Services, LLC (ARES) specializes in Third Party Review, Developmental Services and Project Management and Coordination for numerous clients with projects and properties nationwide. ARES utilizes their years of experience in construction, engineering, environmental awareness and real estate management to provide quality, professional and personalized services. The company goes one step above and beyond to include property assessments, property acquisition and facility management operations.

Their client's consist of smaller scale companies to larger corporations including institutional investors, real estate advisers, real estate managers, and developers. ARES prides itself on efficient and affordable guidance and will bring your project successfully to fruition.

At ARES we encourage you to speak with our past or present clients directly and the company will provide you with the appropriate contact information upon request. If you would like additional information please send an email to kkulak@cox.net or pc.ares@comcast.net.

"Ride the wave of excellence" all the way to success!

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